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We have just released an important upgrade in our TimeSlots system. From now on TimeSlots have Shipment ID Validation module. It is a unique feature in the Europe market and we are glad to share it with you!

Passport for your freight

Starting with the Shipment ID, each order is now available to be assigned with a unique code, like a passport. 

This will enable carriers to book a time slot at GoRamp system only if the freight has a particular ID. We provide an opportunity to import all shipment IDs from a file. 


From now on shippers will not waste their time with unidentified orders, as well save time when comparing TimeSlots bookings with order IDs set at separate excels sheets. This feature is super-convenient because now the shipper is supposed to deal only with the identified orders. 

The Shipment Validation module is useful for tracking weekly/monthly order fulfilment. It is convenient to import shipment IDs from other sources; moreover, it improves time management efficiency by eliminating the need to waste time with unidentified freights. 

Despite the fact that this reservation system improvement enhances efficiency, it is still rather rare in the European market. 


More than that


Aside from that, we're introducing a number of new tools to assist you in moving toward smart supply chain management.

Reservation assignment to the user by email. The shipper can now allocate reservation details to another user via email. Users who have been assigned will receive an email with a link to the particular reservation. Both registered and unregistered users may be allocated to reservations by mail.

Only the shipper may make changes to bookings that have been allocated to another user through an email address. However, the assigned users can make changes to particular fields like a license plate, trailer license plate, driver, and phone number. 

Calculation of slot duration based on measurement units. The technology will now assist in determining how much time is required for loading or unloading at the warehouse. In the settings menu, users may assign new load types to individual ramps and designate loading duration to each measurement unit. 

When a carrier or supplier enters their information, the system will notify them to add measurement units so that the system can determine available slots. In addition, while revising or establishing a new reservation, the system will compute the load time in minutes based on the exact loading units entered.

We are happy to upgrade our system with these new features which are based on our customers' needs and expectations. 

Along with the best practices in the market now we have a unique set of Dock Scheduling features that will make your work at the warehouse incredibly easy and efficient.

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