2021 Wrapped - a year of amazing growth

It’s been a remarkable year! When we think of 2021, growth is the first word that comes to mind. We’ll take you through our main achievements, new expansions and some behind the scenes statistics.

Customer base growth and new markets

With logistics and production industries experiencing unprecedented growth, companies are actively looking for tools to manage that growth. Currently, supply chain digitization is a low-hanging fruit – with relatively small investments to automation and IT platforms, companies can quickly and significantly improve their efficiency. This enables them to increase their operation volumes and maintain sustainable growth. And our transportation management platform is at the heart of it.

We see a huge interest and demand for IT solutions that automate warehousing and shipping processes. As a result, our customer base has grown by 150% in 2021. Our shipment planning, time slot management and KPI analytics solutions have proven to be extremely valuable and effective as in some cases, our customers were able to reduce their operational costs by 70%.

2021 Wrapped - a year of amazing growth
Huge interest and demand for IT solutions that automate warehousing and shipping processes

We are happy that our customers come from diverse industries - it allowed us to learn ins and outs about each industry. In 2021, we got hands-on experience in the following industries: automotive, metal, wood and plastic industries, food production industry, commerce, biofuel production industry, logistics, construction, packaging, pharmaceuticals and biotechnology.

We have also earned the trust and started partnerships with market-leading companies such as Pfizer, DHL, Thermofisher, Grammer, Peikko Group, Dufry. In Lithuania, our home market, we have started working with Mondelez, Moki Veži, Pharmacy chain Camelia, Elme Metal, Eugesta and many others.

In 2021, we have successfully entered 9 new markets - the Czech Republic, Ireland, Denmark, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Romania, Slovakia, Spain, Belgium. We have also strengthened our presence in the US and other EU countries.

2021 Wrapped - a year of amazing growth
We have also earned the trust and started partnerships with market-leading companies

Platform usage statistics

Now, let’s look into some numbers of our transportation management platform. In 2021, our platform availability was 99,9%! Basically no unplanned downtimes, delays or interruptions - we keep our platform up and available all the time. Logistics processes never stop and so does our platform - always available when needed.

A wave of new customers tested our onboarding processes and made them even smoother. Most companies begin using our platform within 1 to 3 days. And even 70% of companies become customers after the trial period.

Our network of unique carriers and manufacturers has also expanded. The number of registered carriers jumped by 214%. And the number of registered manufacturers increased by 279%.

The number of processed orders by TMS has grown by 182% compared to 2020. And the total value of those orders was 299% higher than in 2020. Finally, the number of dock reservations skyrocketed and was 310% higher than in 2020.

2021 Wrapped - a year of amazing growth
Number of dock reservations skyrocketed and was 310% higher

Potential savings

This one is tricky since we only have part of the numbers and they vary case-by-case. But if we take a very generalized view, we know that on average it takes at least 15 minutes to manually make a dock reservation. And with our time slot management tool it can be done instantly, saving those 15 minutes (at least) per reservation. According to a rough calculation, last year our customers have saved at least 102131 hours (or 4255 days) thanks to our time slot management tool.

We know that our transportation management platform also helps customers save time and money by reducing truck detentions, optimizing warehouse workforce planning and making other processes more efficient. Even more, our platform has a role in helping companies to achieve their sustainability targets - less paperwork and reduced truck waiting times (reduced time idling), results in operations with a smaller CO2 footprint.

What does our CEO think

We asked our Co-founder and CEO Jevgenij P. to describe 2021 in three sentences.

“Last year we got good momentum and this year we are accelerating it. We see that our products perfectly solve costly issues and customers can quickly see benefits in terms of saved money and time. We built a solid technical base for our platform and we have an exciting roadmap for 2022” said Jevgenij P.

So, 2021 was great for us. Ready for 2022? Let’s begin it by starting a new conversation - book a quick call with us!

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